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Remote Start FAQ's


13 Most Frequently Asked Questions
about Remote Car Starters


     We have installed thousands of Remote Car Starters for our clients. Often they have questions and concerns about having a remote start system installed. 

     There is no doubt that having a remote starter to fend off the cold, damp winters we get in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley is a very pleasant thing.

     Having a remote car starter in Wisconsin is a must have for many people. So let’s talk about some of the most common remote car starter questions and remote starter installation questions, and clear up some myths and misunderstandings about them. You can also call us @ 715 - 835 - 3073 with any questions or concerns you may have.


The REAL #1, most frequently asked questions is
"How much does it cost?"

And YES, installation is INCLUDED!


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#1 Will an aftermarket remote car starter
void my vehicle’s warranty?

If it is properly installed, a remote car starter will not void your vehicle’s warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents a manufacturer from voiding your warranty just if you chose to install an aftermarket product. So if your car dealer tells you that a remote starter will void your warranty, please refer them to this article on the Federal Trade Commission website.

#2 Why is Remote Starter Range Important?

Clients often tell us that they only park 100 feet away from their office or home so they do not need a lot of range. This might be the case, but consider these two pieces of information:

  1. It is likely that you will want to use your remote car starter when you are at the mall, at a movie, or at a sporting event. You will need much greater range and transmitter power in these circumstances.
  2. Don’t think of it in terms of range…. Think of it in terms of transmitter power. You want a powerful transmitter but not to start you car from 5000 feet away.  You want a powerful transmitter to penetrate concrete walls, go over or around buildings, or deal with the dozens of sources of RF interference surrounding us all day. Typically, the further the range specified, the more powerful the transmitter and the more likely you car will be toasty warm when you get in.




#3 What Is A Transponder Key and How Does
It Effect My Remote Car Starter Installation?

In the late 1990s some vehicle manufacturers started putting small RF transmitters (transponders) in their ignition keys. The purpose of a transponder is to verify that the key that is in the ignition is the real deal, and not a copy. If the transponder signal does not match what the vehicle is looking for, the vehicle simply will not start. This presents a problem for remote starter installations. Why? Because the key is not present when remote starting. In order to properly integrate a remote starter in a vehicle with a transponder key, an extra part called a “bypass” is needed. This “bypass” fools the vehicle into believing that the key is present and the RF signal is correct. Most vehicles need some type of bypass.


#4 What is a “Interface Module” or “Bypass”?
Why do I need it?

Most newer vehicles have a factory anti-theft system (not to be confused with a proper security system) in them. Some times these are referred to as “Chip Keys” or transponder keys.  In order for a remote starter to start the car, an Interface Module or “By-Pass” is used so that when the Remote Start is activated the system will allow the vehicle to start. The important part is to ensure that the device used does not totally disable your vehicle's anti-theft system!  Interface Modules are also increasingly required to work with newer vehicles computers and start sequences, beyond the basic Power and Start wiring that was needed 30 years ago when we started doing remote car starters!


#5 My friend says he can install my Remote Starter?

Vehicle electronics systems and wiring have become a lot more complex in the last few years. Installing a remote starter today involves programming modules to the specific software and features of your vehicle, and wiring them into various systems in your vehicle. Our clients have found that when trusting their vehicle to someone, choosing a trained, experienced technician who is up to date on vehicle systems, installation methods, has full access to factory level vehicle wiring information as well as direct access to the manufacturers for any technical support is best. Why would you want to trust the 2nd most expensive purchase most of us make – our vehicles – to anyone else.  The added benefit of choosing a facility like ours is that should your remote start system not work, you simply return to us and have it fixed, no waiting for your friend (or his friend) to have time to check it out. 


#6 Can you install a Remote Starter
in a car with PTS or Push To Start Button?

Yes, our Remote Car Starter systems work with vehicles that have Push-To-Start or PTS buttons.


#7 Can you install a Remote Starter
in a diesel trucks or cars?

Yes, our Remote Car Starter systems have specially designed circuits to allow for your glow plugs to warm before starting, and even have Turbo Cool Down modes to allow you to exit the vehicle and leave the engine running while your Turbo cools down.


#8 Can somebody steal my car while
it is running with the Remote Starter?

No, while the remote start system is running your steering wheel lock, transmission lock and key transponder system (if equipped) all remain active. If a valid key is not inserted into your vehicles ignition and turned to on or run position, the remote start system will shut the engine down as soon as the brake pedal is touched.  Your vehicle will also remain locked while it is remote started (provided you locked it when you exited the vehicle).


#9 How long does it take to have a
Remote Car Starter installed?

Typically we ask that you drop your vehicle off for half a day (4 hours) to have a remote start system installed. Some vehicles require less time, some require more.


#10 What should I bring with me on the day
my Remote Starter is being installed?

We ask that you bring all of the keys you have for your vehicle, and any remotes you have for the vehicle. Many Interface Modules for newer cars require both keys at the time of installation for programming. Other than that, just bring your excitement – no more cold car mornings!


#11 I have a remote starter I bought elsewhere
or received as a gift, will you install it?

Due to the complex nature of remote start systems, and the complexity of diagnosing any issues that may arise and providing warranty, we do not install systems that are not purchased from us. This is to ensure that we can fully support and warranty both the work we perform on your vehicle and the system itself.


#12 Can I have a Remote Car Starter installed
if I have a factory Car Alarm or Security System?

Yes, our remote starter systems and Interface Modules can be integrated to work with factory installed security systems or car alarms.


#13 My vehicle came with a Factory Remote Starter
but the range is poor, can you extend it?

Often, yes we can extend that range by installing any of our remote starter systems to replace the existing one.


We are here to help you select the right type of remote car starter for your vehicle, and address any questions or concerns you have. Please come visit at our store at 3136 Melby St, Eau Claire or call 715 - 835 - 3073