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     There are many different styles of Tonneau covers to choose from. But first we should determine your needs and requirements. Here are the 3 main categories of tonneau covers we carry...


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Roll Ups

Roll up tonneau cover on a blue toyota pickup



  Folding tonneau cover on a gray chevy pickup





A Brief History of the Tonneau Cover

Today’s pickup truck covers have come a long way since the days of the covered wagons of the old west. The old western pioneers used a canvas cover their wagon beds to protect themselves and their possessions from the weather. There have been many advancements and changes but the purpose remains the same.

So, what is a Tonneau anyway? That word is not used much these days.

Here is Webster's definition:

Tonneau , plural tonneaus

  1. the rear seating compartment of an automobile; also :  the entire seating compartment

The Wikipedia definition is slightly more comprehensive:

Tonneau cover describes a hard or soft cover used to protect unoccupied passenger seats in a convertible or roadster, or the cargo bed in a pickup truck.

If you would like to learn more about Tonneau covers, here is a link to the full article:

And here is one of several pictures included in the article:



     Since those early days when pioneers covered their wagons with canvas, the Tonneau cover has been used in many different applications. Early auto racers used Tonneau covers to give them aerodynamic advantages over their competitors by covering over the exposed portions of their race car to reduce the wind drag.

     Those who visited the salt lake beds of Bonneville, Utah found that the use of Tonneau covers could help them break world speed records. Most of the record setting drivers credited the addition of a Tonneau cover as the reason records fell.

     Today’s covers are used for similar reasons and some new ones that were never thought of before. For example:

     Aesthetics - most Tonneau covers today are designed to enhance the style of the pickup truck. They look great.

     Weather Protection – just like the old west days, the cover protects the contents from the sun and the elements.

     Security – keeps items hidden from view. Some of today’s covers are built to include locks that will protect from theft.

     Safety – keeps items inside the bed of the truck. This reduces the potential for terrible accidents.

     Fuel Economy – with enhanced aerodynamics comes reduction in fuel consumption; improves mileage by as much as 10% - 15% or more.

 Tonneau covers are used in utility vehicles and pickup trucks to cover and secure the truck bed and come in a variety of styles.

     The most common style is the roll-up tonneau made from cloth or vinyl, which uses a rib-like structure to support the fabric and keep it taut. Roll-up Tonneaus are opened by rolling the cover up toward the cab of the truck. Hard roll-up tonneau covers are way firmer, than regular roll-up tonneaus. They are made of a wall of individual aluminum slats, covered with soft vinyl. In the unrolled position, these aluminum slats form hard aluminum shell, which not only covers the cargo inside the bed, but also may support loads up 400 pounds on top of it.

     Folding or Fold Up Tonneau covers ...

     Another style of truck bed tonneau cover is a retractable unit, which is mounted at the front and sides of the bed and rolls up or retracts from the tailgate towards the cab. The retractable tonneau is typically made of vinyl, plastic or aluminum. Retractable tonneaus are more secure than soft tonneau covers, since they usually lock and are made from a harder composition, but they take more time to install and are designed for semi-permanent installation.

     Fiberglass, hard plastic or aluminum tonneau covers are also common. Some may be painted to match the truck, are solid in construction, and can be locked. These covers are usually heavy and require gas struts to assist in opening and closing. They operate much like a vehicle's hood, typically opening from the tailgate end of the bed (back to front). Fiberglass, hard plastic or aluminum tonneau covers are sometimes installed as a factory option on new vehicles.

     So if you’re thinking about a Tonneau cover to help you save gas, provide security or just for the cool look, let us help you make that happen.

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