Rostra Cruise Control from Auto Trim of Eau Claire, WI

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Cruise Control

Convenience and Comfort


     Set your speed with a touch of your finger! Once selected your cruise control constantly measures changes in the engine loading and vehicle speed in order to maintain a constant speed on the highway.

     Easily set the controls and avoid unintended speeding. Slow down or accelerate, you don't have to touch the pedal. Use your RF switch and have that same functionality built right into your steering wheel!

Multiple control switch options!





     Our cruise control switches have been designed with the highest level of quality and have been tested and validated for use with our specific cruise controls.

     Our Cruise Controls are manufactured in the U.S.A. by the company that pioneered the development of cruise control technology.

     Please come in or call 715-835-3073 to check for availability of parts and technical information for your vehicle. Please note, cruise control is only sold through an authorized distributor.


     We do not recommend using any cruise control systems on motorcycle, ATV, or other non-automotive applications as we do not validate the operation of these units on these vehicles. Due to safety concerns surrounding these installations, we are unable to provide technical support on these applications.

Product Features

     Designed to work with any vehicle incorporating the use of a mechanically-operated throttle, our Universal Cruise offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to adding a cruise control system to your vehicle.

     Whether you're restoring a classic hot-rod, prepping the family minivan for holiday traveling or looking to save on the cost of fuel for your motorhome, a universal cruise control is the only way to go!