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     Auto Trim of Eau Claire is your premiere window tinting store in the greater Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and Chippewa Valley area.

     We use only the finest in premium quality window tinting films from Llumar. These window films are optically clear and distortion free.



      You will like our 'Window Tint Viewer'. It lets you see how your car will look after window film is applied. You can investigate the different shades of window film as they will appear on your own car after a professional installation.


      Having tinted windows, you'll be more comfortable on hot summer days.

     Blocking out the heat of a sunny day can reduce your energy costs. Your air conditioner runs less to cool things down when you get in and continues to run less to keep it at the desired temperature.

     The sun's heat and UV rays will damage your car's interior. Because it reduces damaging UV rays by 99% it will reduce fading and damage caused by these two factors.

     Protect yourself and your family with window tinting film that blocks almost all those harmful UV rays and reduce glare at the same time.

And, while we are talking about protection, don't forget about those beautiful leather seats and how much they deserve the UV protection you can get with tinted windows.

     While blocking the sun’s harmful rays from you and your passengers, it also protects in another way. In the case of an accident or an attempt by someone to forcibly entry without permission, window tinting film will hold the broken glass together. This prevents unauthorized entry and keeps flying shards of broken glass in place were they cannot harm those inside.

     Perhaps most importantly, these window films offer a degree of security and safety because they make an attempted burglary very difficult. Please watch the video below ...



      Some would say, "Best of all it greatly improves the visual appeal of your ride!!" Well, you decide. Whats most important to you? It really is a long list of benefits. Likely you will appreciate them all ...


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