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     Perrycraft, Inc. has been manufacturing quality Roof Racks, Truck Bed Rails, Grab Handles, Sports Equipment Carriers and other products for the automotive aftermarket for over 20 years.


     We are pleased to provide the information contained here for the benefit of our existing and prospective customers, wherever they may be.


     Perrycraft supplies the aftermarket industry with numerous different racks for many purposes.


     Here we have two different categories to choose from. Please see these pages for more details on these products. Click the links below.


      1. Roof racks, roof rail, and load bars

      2. Sports Equipment Carriers

      In 2001, due to Perrycraft's reputation in the industry for consistent product quality and exceptional customer service, Mont Blanc™ Industry, AB in Sweden named Perrycraft, Inc. as the exclusive distributor for its product line in the US automotive aftermarket.


     Mont Blanc's consumer-friendly line of quality add-on load bars and roof rack accessories compliment our existing product line very well, enabling our consumers to have access to a broader segment of the roof rack and sports equipment carrier market.