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Paint Protection Film







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     You can see where Paint Protection Film goes on your car
by checking out the PPF Viewer here.


Applying paint protection film to entire hood


Buying a brand-new vehicle
is a significant purchase.

Paint protection film will protect your investment.

     It doesn’t really matter which brand you choose, whether minivan or sports car, each new vehicle starts out with a shiny, lustrous, eye-catching paint finish.
    Then you drive it off the lot. From that moment on, your sparkling paint finish is at risk.
     Road debris, bug stains, stones, sand and winter salt all damage your paint finish, particularly the high impact areas like front bumper, fenders, rearview mirrors and hood.
     So, within weeks, your new vehicle will show the wear and tear of everyday driving.


What It Does ...

     'Paint Protection Film' protects the high-impact areas like front bumper, fenders, rear view mirrors and hood against damage from: Rocks / Bug acids / Salt / Oils / Gravel / Tree Sap / Bird droppings / Magnesium Chloride.


Check Out the Gravel-O-Meter Test





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Applying paint protection film to front bumper

Applying paint protection film to front of hood




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