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AutoTrim of Eau Claire is the
Chippewa Valley’s
Remote Starter Headquarters!





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We Feature Premium Remote Starter systems


Many Models to Choose from.

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     Whether you call them 'remotes' or 'remote starts', or 'remote starters', it's up to you. Some people call them 'remote car starters' or even just 'car starters'. But whatever you happen to call them it equals the same thing in the end. You don't have to suffer the cold of a winters day just to get your car ready for work, or play if thats the case.


Winters coming.

You can already feel the chill in the air.

     Are you ready for the upcoming winter events? You know - knee deep snow, penetrating cold, and yes more snow... tons of it. Now you can take control. Let AT Eau Claire help you with a new remote starter.

     With one button, you're up and running. Heater's on and it's warm and cozy inside ... ready for the road. AT Eau Claire is the Chippewa Valley's Remote Starter Headquarters!

     Ever wish you didn't have to go out in the cold on a winter morning to start the car to let it warm up a little? Just didn't want to brave the chill wind and frost, scrape off the windshield and get into a cold car to head to work?

      Really wish you could start that car from your kitchen window?

     Well, now you can.  With a new custom installation from Auto Trim of Eau Claire, you can enjoy the good life and not the bitter cold of winter's bite.


Come in now! Whether Winter or Summer your Remote Starter
works cooling and heating! Working for you the year 'round!

Enjoy the convenience of a new Remote Starter and never
get into a cold car (or a hot one) again or need to scrape that windshield or wait for the AC to cool things down.



Before you proceed, please see this page for information about misleading advertisements that use slick marketing tactics to lure you in with a low price only to have you spend more for parts you didn't know you needed!


Have questions?

     Most people have questions about installing a remote starter on their car or truck, how about you?  If so, here is a link to our "13 Most Frequently asked Questions" about Remote Starters. But if you don't find the answers you are looking for, please give us a call @ 715 - 835 - 3073


     We have Remote Starters from the industry's best in automotive electronics by iDataStart, a highly respected name in this field.