Specialty Projects from Auto Trim of Eau Claire, WI

 Aftermarket accessories and trim for your car or truck

Specialty Projects

     We get many unique requests from our customers. And are happy to create something that expresses their individual tastes and passions.

     We offer many 'Specialty' options including one of a kind designs and complete vehicle wraps on cars and trucks of any size.

     We also have some "Before & After" examples to show the capabilities of our well trained installers.

     Here are a few examples of our recent work ...


       Here is the "Outlaw"                            "Camo" goes ...         


                          "Black on Black"                         See more photos of this
                                                                                 rig including inside

The "Super Stinger"

(see full sized image here)


B&A (before and after)

Jeep "Maverick"

This Jeep Maverick is just one example of the
transformations that take place in our shop.



See all the transformation here