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     What is a Wrap? It is a form of advertising that completely or partially covers (or wraps) a vehicle with an advertisement. This results in a rolling billboard.

     If you have other questions or would just like more information you can visit our 'Wrap FAQ' page to get them all answered.

     How would you like to use our 'Custom Design Studio' to design and build your own wrap? Be it for Commercial use or just for FUN, this nifty tool is not only fun to play with but very helpful in bringing your vision to fruition.



     One of our Specialties is in the Vehicle Wrap arena. We Can make a transformation to your ride that will 'Pop' the eye!

     Wrapping a vehicle involves the use of large sheets of vinyl film with digitally printed images on them, applied by professionals to the outer surface of a vehicle. A high quality installation requires a great deal of skill that can be likened to wrapping a basketball with tin foil without wrinkling it – very difficult. The wrap may be removed at a later date without damaging paint.


     Experts have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards. TV and radio ads can quickly be ignored with the click of a button; that can’t happen with an advertisement on a vehicle.

     Here is one of our newest projects ...

     Outdoor Advertising Magazine said that mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate and 99% of those surveyed thought that kind of advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. Another study by The Traffic Audit Bureau found that 94% of people remembered seeing the billboard and 80% remembered the specific ad resulting in a sales increase of 107%.

     To learn more, please see or ActionSignsUSA web site for additional information.


Design Your Own

     Or, you may enjoy designing your own wrap using our really cool 'Graphics Design Studio'! Just click the link or the image to be taken to the Design Studio page.



     There can be no doubt that this form of advertising is one of the most effective there is. Why not come in and talk to us about what we can do to help you promote your business with a custom vehicle wrap!

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