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New 2020 Remote Start Line-up


    Before you proceed to the details on this page,

please take a moment to consider the difference between

a       remote and a     remote.


    You can find an explanation as a heading for each section that will help you make the best possible buying decision for you own personal circumstances.

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One Way Remote Starters


One Way Communication

Data is only being sent in one direction; to the vehicle. Your remote will send a signal to the car, the car will acknowledge the signal and flash the parking lights (as long as you are within range).



Two Way Remote Starters


Two Way Communication

The data is now being sent to and from the vehicle. What this means is that whatever you ask the vehicle to do (whether it is unlock, start, etc.) it will send a signal back to the remote indicating what it did, and notifying you that the vehicle was in range and did in fact complete the task you asked of the system.

This is a really great feature. If you walk all the way to the entrance of the mall and you can’t remember if you locked your doors, just look at your remote! The system will inform you of whether or not you locked your doors. If you live in an apartment complex and can’t see your vehicle from your window, you will know for a fact that your remote start reached the vehicle. You won’t go out to the car and then realize it never started and is still freezing!